June 21, 2024

In this blog post, we’ll give you essential tips on identifying what causes an over-the-top golf swing and spikes on fixing it yourself.

Intro: Are you struggling with an over-the-top golf swing? If so, you’re not alone. Most amateur golfers experience this issue from time to time, even if they have been playing for years. Fortunately, some methods work and can help fix the problem in a relatively short amount of time. With patience, dedication, and an understanding of some basic principles about the mechanics of swinging correctly, it’s possible to improve your game significantly and start hitting longer drives than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll discuss fixing an over-the-top golf swing!

Why Is An Over The Top Golf Swing A Problem?

An over-the-top golf swing can lead to a variety of problems for golfers. It can result in slices, hooks, poor contact with the ball, and reduced distance on shots. Poor form caused by an overly long or steep swing path also increases the risk of injury. Excessive spinal rotation during the backswing strains muscles and joints not designed to rotate as far as they must in an over-the-top swing. This increased stress can cause pain and damage to shoulders, wrists, elbows, and lower backs. Furthermore, it is difficult to have consistent results when using an incorrect technique; therefore, golfers need to improve their swings before their game suffers.  By correcting common flaws, such as flipping hands and throwing the club head, golfers can achieve a more efficient and consistent swing that will lead to better results. This can be done through practice, training, and instruction from a qualified PGA professional. With the proper guidance and practice, golfers can get rid of their over-the-top swing and start seeing the improved performance on the course. Learn more about the 8 Most Forgiving Driver for your game.

What Are Some Causes Of An Over The Top Golf Swing?

An over-the-top golf swing typically has one or more of the following causes:

– Improper Body Posture – Poor body posture can lead to a steep upper-body motion, often resulting in an over-the-top move. 

– Losing Trajectory Control – When you start the downswing, keeping your lower body and arms working together is essential. If this coordination isn’t maintained, you could wind up with an over-aggressive move that causes you to lose control of your ball’s trajectory. 

– Trying To Generate More Power – Many players will try to generate more power by making a more complex, faster swing which can cause them to go over the top. 

– Incorrect Weight Shift – Too much weight on your back foot at the start of the downswing can cause an over-the-top move. 

– Improper Club Setup – If the club face is set to open, you’ll tend to come inside in your path and create an over-the-top move. 

– Reversing The Natural Swing Arc – The natural arc of a golf swing should be from outside in and back out, but if this pattern is reversed, it could result in going over the top. 

– Poor Lower Body Movement – Limited movement of your lower body often leads to an over-the-top swing and loss of power and control. 

It’s important to remember that a combination of these issues can cause an over-the-top golf swing. Therefore, it is essential to understand and identify the root causes to make any necessary adjustments and help you get back on track with your game. 

What Are Some Drills To Help Fix An Over The Top Golf Swing?

If you’re looking for drills to help fix an over-the-top golf swing, several can help. Here is a list of some of the most popular exercises: 

– The Halfway Back Drill: This drill helps prevent coming “over the top” by focusing on starting the downswing with your lower body first and keeping your upper body back until later in the swing. 

– Weight Shift Drill: This drill focuses on transferring your weight correctly during your backswing and downswing. It would be best to move your weight from left to right as you remove the club and then shift it back when beginning your downswing. 

– Towel Drill: This drill involves placing a towel between your arms and the club to help you feel what it’s like to move your arms without coming over the top. 

– The Bar Drill: This drill involves holding a dowel or club across your shoulders while swinging, which helps you get used to keeping your arms and body connected. 

– Impact Position Drill: This drill trains you to keep the same impact position throughout your swing so you don’t come over the top. 

Practicing these drills regularly will help reduce an over-the-top golf swing and improve overall technique. With dedicated practice and patience, you can fix any issues with an over-the-top golf swing in no time! 

Understanding how to fix an over-the-top golf swing is essential to becoming a better golfer. It’s important to realize that every swing is unique and will require practice and patience to hone your skills. With dedication, you can make substantial improvements over time, making you more successful on the course. This process takes time and patience, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t improving as fast as you think. Remember, focus on proper form and mechanics during your practice sessions, and soon you’ll notice an improvement in your game. So what are you waiting for? Practice with the drills we’ve discussed here—and master how to fix an over-the-top golf swing today!