How to make your nails grow longer and stronger!

Fingernails are made up of a protein known as keratin. Like many other parts of…

Fingernails are made up of a protein known as keratin. Like many other parts of your body, they are significant indicators of how your body’s overall health looks like. The main indicator of this is how healthy your nails actually are. Healthy nails are those that are hard, smooth and of the same color with consistency.

What causes unhealthy nails?

The health of your nails is extremely important and while it is important to identify how to keep them long and strong it is also important to highlight why they become unhealthy in the first place:

  1. Nail polish – using too much nail polish and then nail polish remover time and time again will cause toxins to enter your nails and cause them to become unhealthy. It also keeps them from staying hydrated which is extremely important for nail growth and strength.
  2. Smoking – the nicotine that is included in cigarettes create a pathway for an unhealthy lifestyle that impact not just your lungs negatively but your nails too!
  3. Bacteria- having a bacterial infection around your nails or concerns such as eczema will give way to unhealthy nails. This can occur due to many reasons such as consistently keeping your hands wet, having a severe habit of nail biting and having eczema on your hands and nails.

Since nails play a significant part in displaying our health, there are some important ways your nails can grow longer and stronger:

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● Biotin

Biotin is a significant supplement that is recommended by several doctors because it includes a kind of B vitamin that enables the body to change food into energy. This also enables a boost in your nails and your hair. According to research, biotin’s is rich in foods that allow you to strengthen your nails.

● Nail filing

When taking care of your nails it is also important to know the kind of equipment you are using so that they do not break your nails or make them weaker. Therefore, using a soft nail filer for your nails so that it gets the job done and allow your nails to grow in a better shape.

● Cuticle oil

Using a cuticle oil daily can be very helpful when it comes to your nail growth and its strength. Hydration is one of the most critical and crucial forms of aiding in the best form of nail growth and health. Cuticle oil allows your nails to stay hydrated and the nail bed to stay hydrated as well. Therefore, keeping it as part of your daily routine will allow them to be healthy.

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