PRP Remedy for Hair Loss – Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Hair loss is a reason for fear for numerous males. Having Wholesome Hair boosts your…

Hair loss is a reason for fear for numerous males. Having Wholesome Hair boosts your self assurance and will give you an general outlined glance. PRP (plasma-rich platelet) is a remedy for hair loss that has been rising in popularity previously years. On this article, Dr. Harikiran chekuri will give an outline of PRP remedy.

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is without doubt one of the absolute best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, with over 14 years of revel in in hair transplant surgical procedures. He has been running on the redefine sanatorium, acclaimed to be a most sensible sanatorium that gives one of the vital absolute best hair transplants in Hyderabad.

Let’s see additional info on PRP beneath,

What’s PRP (plasma-rich platelet)?

Your blood’s liquid part, referred to as plasma, essentially is composed of water and protein. It allows the motion of platelets, pink blood cells, and white blood cells on your blood. Those palettes lend a hand in therapeutic. On every occasion there’s a wound for your pores and skin, those platelets restore and heal the wound. Docs suppose that those platelets can advertise and expand hair enlargement.

To assemble plasma, the physician will first draw blood out of your fingers and switch the blood in a gadget referred to as a centrifuge, keeping apart the platelet-rich plasma from the remainder of the blood.

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PRP Process 

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, says that PRP treatment calls for that you’ve got remedies between 4-6 weeks, and upkeep remedy calls for each 4 to six months.

Steps fascinated about PRP

  • Step 1: The physician attracts blood out of your arm after which transfers it right into a centrifuge (a gadget that spins swiftly, keeping apart fluid into quite a lot of classes.
  • Step 2: The centrifuge gadget will separate the fluid into 3 layers.
      • Platelet-rich plasma
      • Platelet deficient plasma
      • Crimson blood cells
  • Step 3: The physician attracts the plasma-rich platelet into the syringe and injects it into the scalp to extend hair enlargement.

Uncomfortable side effects of PRP 

  • An infection
  • Harm to blood vessels 
  • Scaring
  • Headache
  • Swelling
  • Itching

Precautions to take earlier than PRP remedy

You will have to take some precautions earlier than the PRP remedies that incorporates,

  • prevent the use of blood-thinning medicines, together with diet E, A, very important fatty acids, and many others.
  • Prevent eating inflammatory medicine like aspirin, ibuprofen, and many others.
  • At all times take the prescription drugs.
  • If you’re taking any beta-blockers, let your physician know.
  • Steer clear of being within the solar and direct warmth.
  • Prevent ingesting and surrender smoking.
  • Steer clear of coloring your hair.
  • Devour a balanced vitamin and drink a variety of water.

Precautions to take after PRP remedy 

  • You’ll have some reasonable redness, itching, and swelling for the following two to 5 days.
  • Hardly do pores and skin reactivity, or an infection might occur.
  • Steer clear of the use of ice or chilly within the remedy space
  • Proceed to avoid anti inflammatory medicine.
  • Avoid the solar, the warmth, and full of life exertion.
  • For no less than 3 days, abstain from caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Devour a balanced vitamin and get sufficient water.
  • As directed by means of your physician, take your whole prescriptions.
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Advantages of PRP hair remedy

Beneath you are going to be told probably the most advantages of having a PRP remedy,

  • The PRP hair remedy is protected as it makes use of your blood plasma cells to advertise hair enlargement.
  • This is a fast procedure with a robust end result.
  • This is a painless process.
  • This is a non-painful process
  • This is a way with out antagonistic results.
  • It complements blood float for your scalp’s hair follicles.
  • It maintains and encourages the expansion segment of your hair.
  • It controls the cycle of hair enlargement.
  • This is a remedy this is economical.
  • No spots or rigidity from a scar.


  1. Is the remedy for PRP painful?

PRP remedies don’t seem to be most often painful, even supposing you’ll face discomfort right through the process.

  1. How lengthy will have to you leisure after PRP remedy?

Dr. Harikiran Chetkuri, one of the vital most sensible hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, says that chances are you’ll require a minimum of six weeks to recuperate and heal utterly. Many sufferers recuperate inside 4 weeks.

2. The proper candidate for PRP?

The physician will first read about you and notice whether or not you’re have compatibility to go through PRP treatment.